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Importance of trust Trust is an emotional act. Our need for need for trust comes from us depending on other people. We have trust with friends, parents, and other close people, we mostly tend to trust people we know and are always around us. Trust means being able to predict what other people will do and what will happen. Trust is important in life, if you can’t trust anything, you won’t be able live a normal life. If we have lots of people we trust, then we can have a safe present and an even better future. Having trust from other people means you should give them trust also. The trust others will have for you will grow when you show interest in needs and interests, have sympathy for others, it will also grow when you cooperate with other peoples projects. If you do not trust anyone you wont be able to easily interact with you friends or anybody, often , distrust is linked to low motivation, distrust is also linken to no cooperation and will lead to paranoia, which is basically being suspicious of everyone. Reducing your distrust with people is difficult, you also tend not to trust people you hate or dislike. life will be much harder When people don't trust you, they wont let you use their things or if parents don't trust you wont have as many privileges as you had before. People lose trust in people when they break promises and don't listen to people, some times this only needs to happen once and the victim won’t trust you anymore, and when he does not trust you anymore he will be trying to avoid having to trust you again in the future. You can gain your trust back from people by owning up to your mistakes and being responsible, but some times it can take a while, rebuilding trust is not as easy as building trust, one way is , take immediate action after the violation of his trust, apologize and take resposibility for your actions, show regret of what you did

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