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Trust. What does it really mean to trust someone? You give all your trust to someone that you care and love. Believe whatever that person tells you then everything ends up being a lie and a game. Unfortunately, you end up losing the game and suffering the consequences. The worst part is that you had to find out the truth from your own friends when the so called “trustworthy person” you thought he/she was could have told you from the start. This is where I come in now and explain because I’m going through this situation this very instant. I had given all my trust and love in someone who I thought was my best friend and the perfect boyfriend. I bet your rolling your eyes and thinking how a boyfriend can be perfect. Well he was to me, so I thought, as you can probably guess he dumped me like a sack of potatoes and broke my heart into a million pieces. His reason was that he doesn’t put effort into relationships and so… we were better of being friends. I understood and accepted his decision but I was still heartbroken. One of my friends told me, it was better to be friends then not have him at all. It’s true because he was the main person I trusted and that understood me, so I became his friend. Everything was going fine for awhile until I started to notice he was distancing himself. He barely talked to me, it got to the point that I felt like we were strangers and whatever happened between us never happened. So, I just left it alone for awhile. Then, I got frustrated because I couldn’t understand why he was treating me like this. I turned to my friend that I’ve known since 3rd grade, I asked him what I should do. He eventually told me I should just go talk to him. I was on way to go talk to him when two of my close friends told me interesting and surprising information about my ex-boyfriend. One friend informed me, when my ex broke up with me,

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