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To Trust or Not to Trust, That is the Analysis In the world of relationships, trust is often used to describe what keeps a good relationship abreast. What happens when deception is used to mask the truth? The movie Trust, directed by David Schwimmer, shows what happens to a 14 year old girl, Annie, and her family when she becomes victim to internet predation. The betrayals of Annie’s trust by a deceptive older man sparks a deterioration of trust in her other relationships. Thus demonstrating how deception can destroy trust in relationships. Online predators are no strangers to the art of persuasion and deception. Annie’s online friend Charlie proves no different. He develops a relationship with Annie by giving her athletic tips and being genuinely interested in her life. He is able to make Annie comfortable enough to talk to him as if he is just a distant friend. Schwimmer uses Annie’s situation in order to prove a point about internet relationships and how deceptive these relationships may be. When Annie discovers that Charlie is lying to her about his age she chooses to maintain their relationship. Charlie is able to gain Annie’s trust because she is young and naïve. They even exchanged pictures. He is able to use these pictures to lure Annie into his trap. Charlie, being as attractive as he was also prompts Annie to like him more which makes her want to develop a relationship with him despite the 10 year age difference. Schwimmer, throughout the movie shows how trust is blind and can sometimes be based on deception. Because Annie trusts Charlie, it allows him to say anything he thinks Annie wants to hear. Her trust in Charlie is based on deception therefore Annie became blind to the truth. Annie’s naïveté made it easier for her to fall victim to his manipulative ways. He calls her beautiful and calls her his soul mate, which leads Annie to feel that she is

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