Truman vs Eisenhower on Civil Rights

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'President Eisenhower was better than President Truman on the issue of African American civil rights.' Explain why you agree or disagree with this view. (24 marks) African American civil rights was one of the most important issues of the 20th century. President Truman and President Eisenhower both helped African American's obtain the civil rights they have today. I believe however that Truman did the most to help the civil rights campaign. That's not to say Eisenhower did not help, he just did less than Truman in my opinion. Following the sudden death of President Roosevelt, Truman had to step up and fill his shoes, not an easy task. Roosevelt was a well-liked president and had chosen Truman as his Vice President due to him never publicly making racist remarks. Truman did however have his own private views on black people. This was due to him being born and raised in Missouri, a state with southern attitudes. However he made sure his views never got in the way of him making the right decision for his country. During the first few months of his presidency, Truman did little to help black civil rights. This was however due to the war being the top of his priorities. He also needed to tread carefully, after all he wasn't voted into office, Roosevelt was. Following the end of the Second World War, Truman attempted to continue the funding of the FEPC (fair employment practice committee), but this was rejected by congress. This committee was founded to help give blacks equal employment opportunities; however it didn't do much to help. Two thirds of all complaints submitted to the FEPC were dismissed. Truman had also done little to help the FEPC while they were active. But as I said, he had higher priorities at that time. Truman publicly slated Adam Clayton Powell after he insulted his wife. The DAR had refused to allow Powell's wife to perform in their hall.
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