The Truman Show-Analysis

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ANALYSIS Of The Truman Show As an ordinary citizen from a clean and quiet city, Truman Burbank is living his job as clerk without thinking about the world around him. But one day, a strange thing, a spotlight, falls from the sky just in the front of Truman’s home. This inexplicable event is just the prelude to a series of dysfunction that go more and more heavily in Truman’s comfortable life, who will finally discover the incredible reality: his city is just a huge set, all the people he knows are actors, or extra, his life a TV show, that the whole world is watching since he was born! From the film director Peter Weir, and with Jim Carrey as Truman, the film, written with Andrew Niccol (Gattaca), is studying the drift of a world under the pressure of media and condemns the broadcasts of TV-reality that abound on the small screen. There is many interpretation of the film, social critic or philosophical question. But is it an utopia? There are many elements that show it can be a kind of utopia. First, Seahaven Island, the artificial city under a bubble where Truman moves, was created from Christof’s demiurge vision, the creator of the show. Even more interesting is what Christof says, when he justifies his “creation”, it shows a will worthy of the greatest Utopian: “I gave Truman the chance to live a normal life. That’s the world, the one where you are living that is unhealthy. Seahaven is the world like it should be.” The dangerous ambiguity of the utopian process is not occulted. When Truman achieves to escape Christof’s candid cameras, the moon is turning to a giant spotlight sweeping the night, and Seahaven reveals its dark side: hooting sirens, barking guard dogs and all the citizens searching the runaway. But what about the society the film describes? Is it really a society? Seahaven is nothing more than a reconstruction. The only real citizen is
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