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One event during the post WWII era, occurred in 1945 as soon as Franklin D. Roosevelt died –Harry S. Truman became president; Truman changed the self image of America because he lacked FDR’s talent for diplomacy, he also established a new sense of leadership in the world by altering the custom: he wanted to create a doctrine uniting U.S. military and maintain superiority, prevent the spread of Communism out of the Soviet Union, and imply new economic and diplomatic strategies as a foundation of Truman’s foreign policy. During 1947, at the time of the Civil War in Greece, Great Britain attempted to withdraw all military; however, Truman argued that if Greece and Turkey did not receive the aid that they urgently needed, they would inevitably fall to communism and face great deal of consequences throughout the region from the Soviet Union. As shown in Document A, this comic book cover exemplified the genuine fear citizen had if Communism were to spread from the Soviet Union; the graphic, detailed picture of Communist soldiers invading personal citizen’s lives depicts life as it might be if America were ruled by Communists (Document A). So, on March 12, 1947, Truman, himself, offered a message before a joint session of Congress establishing the set of principles that comprised the Truman Doctrine. It was implemented and Congress approved$400 million in aid for Greece and Turkey. In the next 4 decades, the United States military also grew due to the addition of 2 new military bases in both countries – maintaining a stable United States military with the intentions of containing communism and preserving a free, safe country. As a result of upholding the communist Soviet Union, the assistance helped the Greek monarchy overcome the rebel movement too. The United States has officially declared its right to intervene to save other nations from communist subversions on

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