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I could not help but feel a sense of panic for the two of them. The further I read into their story the more I found my thoughts drifting to the presumed wrinkles creasing their foreheads and the smiles they surely had to force after a day of worry and fear. No parent wants to ruin that moment when their little one bolts through the door waving a piece of paper decorated with gold stars. Instead, a Dona will slap on a grin from ear to ear, do a quick dab of the eyes and open arms wide, waiting for that beaming little bolt of joy to prance into her safe grasp. As the sound of her darling’s voice, is busy reciting the joy she felt when her gold star paper descended upon her desk; all that a Dona can do is hold her little one tight with silent thoughts of prayers and gratitude for god giving her one more day with her child. This is the fear that would become the daily plight of the Dominican Don and Dona under Trujillo’s regime. It was common knowledge amongst Dominicans that if caught speaking against “The Big One” regardless of in public or private, could result in un-thinkable sanctions. Sanctions that could range from torture, to prison, to losing a daughter to Trujillo’s own sexual perversions or losing a son to be brainwashed and recruited by La 42 (paid thugs, employed to murder non-supporting citizens and opponents). It was a life of un-predictability and uncertainty. As I continued in my research, I read story after story of Dominican parents desperate to find a way out from underneath Trujillo’s dictatorship. Most would never find refuge (prior to his assassination in 61’), some simply refused to be ran out of their homes, and others became desperate and resourceful, seeking refuge in another country. If a person were Haitian, their destination would result in even less tolerance; these innocent human beings would either be forced into labor

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