True Power of Advertising Essay

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Advertising tricks on the human mind – Advertisements are globally transformed as a way to reach out to customers and are in fact, essential for the prime success of a product. The 21st century as we know is an age filled with creative, diverse media platforms that both enable advertisers to present ads in various forms as well as allowing each one to be unique and eye catching. But did we know, that mind-tricks are being played through these media? The main purpose of an advertisement is to persuade people, thus the sort of impression it leaves on our minds towards the product greatly depends on the ad. Should an advertisement fail to capture our interest, we wouldn’t bother checking it out. It shapes a product’s image. An advertisement may be shown through paper or electronically (these days, who wouldn’t use both). As customers, we are exposed to an alluring advertisement and might end up investing in that product based on the blind trust on the ad. This can either go both ways, firstly, the product actually lives up to our expectations or secondly, another tricky instance of advertising with a disappointing product. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever looked at a fresh, delicious, heavenly juicy pizza image on a banner and purchased it only to find a dry, and humid slice handed to you? This sort of incident, I’m sure has occurred once to everybody and is the price we pay for blindly trusting images. As H.G Wells says, “advertising is legalized lying”. Of course, if a product based on its false advertisement disappoints us, it could give the company a poor image. However, this has not stopped advertisements from letting us down. I observed that price provides quality and satisfaction. No matter how compelling a product seems to be on a picture, if it is “affordable”, it is likely to disappoint us one way or another. Whereas, an esteemed
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