True Or False? Essay

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A true war story is hard imposed challenge by the one who tells it, the reason for this is because many factors come into action that could affect the stories credibility. In the book “The Things They Carried” the author, Tim O’Brien, writes in ones of the chapters how a true war story should be done and all the things that could affect how it goes. In example how emotions could get in the way of changing the path that a story takes. Imagination, invention, wartime conditions, and emotions affect a war story and in could turn one from true to a made up one. When someone is in war or comeback from war some of their stories about it are probably going to be exaggerated or partially made up. The war time conditions can affect their decision like Tim O’Brien said. War may have traumatized enough to implement fake or invented parts to the story just to repress a memory or to cover up something. Everything that soldiers see in war could be exaggerated and changed and add a made up part to it. That is one of the reasons why it is hard to tell a true war story, the whole war time conditions is enough to mess up people in their head to the point where they star making up stuff and remaking the story into something not true. Another reason why it is hard to tell a true war story is because imagination, invention, and feeling come in to play whenever a story about war is said. Invention, in the book Tim says how a group a soldiers told some event that happened but it turned out that the soldiers made up most of what happened. This probably happened because soldiers got tweaked out by their fear which caused them to imagine and invent and event that didn’t happen. Feelings can exaggerate a story or cause you imagines some parts of it to fir your emotions. A true war story, it is hard because of how it can be affected. Emotions and imagination can affect the outcome of a
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