True Heroism Essay

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Alyssa Kearney Professor Sabia WRTG 107 8 October 2012 The Meaning of True Heroism In today’s society, everyone has a different opinion on what a true hero is. Many people believe that a hero is merely one who publically proclaimed for risking their life to save their family, or soldiers fighting for our country. These said people are most certainly heroes, however our society has many other everyday heroes that receive no recognition. A hero is a selfless, fearless human being who does something for another without expecting any reward. They show integrity, doing what they know is right even when no one is watching. In my opinion, examples of heroes can be everyday people that through noble and courageous acts, change the lives of others. At this point in my life, when I think of the word hero, the first person that comes to my mind is my mother. She has and always will be my hero. As a single parent, she continuously puts my needs before her own and gave me a beautiful life full of love and support. My mother is now enduring the fight of her life with breast cancer. There is no positive connotation to the word cancer and most people want to just give up when hearing that diagnosis. However, my mom keeps fighting everyday, through good days and bad days. All the pain and suffering she has to endure, and I have never seen her without a smile on her face. At a time, when she needs my support, she continues to put my needs before her own. She was in the hospital, after having a double mastectomy, and the first thing she told the doctor was that she needed to get better to make it to my graduation. My mother’s courage and strength makes her my hero. She has to fight for her life everyday and refuses to give up. She is the strongest person I know. Many people would agree that our policemen are heroes. I have two policemen that are personal heroes in my
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