True Friendship Essay

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People commonly call their friends "best friends" when they have developed a deep relationship with each other. How far will they go with this "best friend" concept they have labeled to their friendship. Personally I do not believe in the philosophy of having someone as your best friend. There no such person in the world that could stand as your best friend. When you label one as "best," we may mean that he or she is without flaws, that there has never been a time that you've had an argument or personal differences. The world could not hold such an idea in a seemingly imperfect world. We may have been drawn to the idea of a friend who sticks to you in good times and in bad; and to the truth that no space and distance could separate you from him. Friendship need not be one who stays beside you 24/7, but one who has kept you in his heart no matter wherever you may have been. There is a special connection that's happening between the two of you. It is a kind of relationship that binds you together. It is a God-inspired friendship that brings out the best in you. The kind of friendship that I refer to is none other that "True Friendship." This friendship encompasses all the qualities that get us attracted to a person: Sincerity, Respect and Pure Christian Love. The Bible has strong themes on this kind friendship. True friends are like siblings that the nature of their relationship is nurtured by love and understanding. True friendship is unspeakable in terms of how one gives his personal definition of it. One thing stands out --- there is a feeling of acceptance and recognition. True friends exist while best friends are ideal and hypothetical. True friends are practical and personal while best friends are a far-fetched idea. Now, which one you choose --- a best friend or true
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