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True Friends True friends are rare and they often are counted on one hand for most people. Of course, that depends on your personal definition of what a friend is or is not. My definition of a true friend is someone who is there for you when you have hit rock bottom and tells you the truth which in most cases you need to hear but do not want to. What I call a true friend has these characteristic’s honesty, loyal, and compassionate. I came to this definition from personal experience throughout my life. In 1988 my girlfriend was expecting; she was living in Maine. I was living with my friend Darrell and working in Dallas, Texas. On a typical day I received a call that turn my world upside down. Joyce, my girlfriend was thirty-two weeks along and had lost the baby. I thank God for Darrell because I did not even know what to say or do. I was in a state of shock and Joyce was inconsolable. Darrell stayed up with me all night and helped me get myself collected so arrangements to fly to Maine could be made. Another time during my military tour my friend, Thomas came through during a family crisis. When my mother got sick and I had little money to buy a ticket, he offered to help me. During our conversation, he told me not worry about paying him back. That was a great gesture, but I did pay him back. My friend Michael Cochran and his wife Tammy have always been there for my family and me. I was on an unaccompanied tour in Diego Garcia or one year. They were there whenever Joyce needed help. At one point during my deployment my son became very ill and was hospitalized. Mike stayed at the hospital with Joyce and made sure my son Dimitri was getting the best care possible. He treated my family as if they were his own. It’s extremely hard on military spouses when you are separated for extended periods of times. Knowing I have true

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