True Cost Of College Essay

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Elisa Herron What is the true cost of college? March 18, 2000 James Redd Elisa M. Herron James Redd ENC 1101 17 March 2000 What Is The True Cost Of College? Enrollment is going to start in the fall of this year and now would be the time to start getting you paperwork together to resubmit your FASA paperwork for next semester. For the majority of the students, the move was indeed a success, an enjoyment, and otherwise a great new place to working on your new carrier. There are some teens however, who are still considering going to this 4 year university with tuition cost and dorm living fees, which is wonderful for those who can afford it with scholarships then go for it but if you see that your parents to make less money than the cost of one semester, it is time to get a grip. Things in this economy are hard right now, “ The S&P 500 and Nasdaq composite erased their gains for the year, while the Dow is barely hanging on, up only 0.3%…show more content…
“This year, tuition and fees at Harvard are close to $52,000, including room and board, a price that has increased at about 5 percent annually during the past 20 years, well above the estimated 2.8 percent annualized increase in the consumer-price index, one gauge of inflation,” (Cohan) the cost of living on campus is increasing every year with no end in sight. So for those who don’t qualify for scholarships to help cover cost and have to take out loans for the whole cost of school thing wisely. After you graduate from college you will have loan payments monthly for years just like a car or house payment pending on the total amount of the loan, so living at home is going to save you big
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