True Beauty, Marcelo In The Real World Essay

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Marcelo in the Real World by Francisco X. Stork The Meaning of True Beauty In the novel, Marcelo in the Real World by Francisco X. Stork, the autistic boy called Marcelo has many questions about meaning of “beauty”. Marcelo works with a girl called Jasmine in the mailroom. While Marcelo has been working with Jasmine, Marcelo has noticed that boys look at her in a different way than he does. They find Jasmine sexy. But, Marcelo doesn’t see her that way. For him music is the thing that seems beautiful. He can have tons of CD’s, but it won’t be enough for him. Jasmine agrees with him; however she also has her own point of view about what beauty is. Jasmine shows Marcelo, the small park with dozens of Chinese kids beaming, yelling, squealing, and laughing. After she says, “I like it when they walk here.” I think Marcelo has a different way of seeing beauty. He doesn’t see beauty like others do. For example, most people see beauty in a perfect body of the opposite sex. They notice only physical beauty. Usually, they call it “sexy”. Unlike, Marcelo goes more beyond this point of view that others don’t even notice. Marcelo sees beauty in Jasmine’s inner feelings, emotions, and eyes. He says, “The part of her body that I like the most is her eyes. When I look into them, I feel like staying there as much as possible”. As we know for the boy with Asperger’s syndrome like Marcelo; it is very hard to make eye contact, but not with Jasmine. Marcelo also says, “I like spending time with her. I like it when we talk about music or when I ask about the meaning of words. She makes me laugh and makes me think about things I never thought about.” Jasmine thinks that playing Chinese children are beautiful because they are cute. Perhaps, she remembers her own childhood memories when she sees their smiling faces. This smiling faces are not worried about

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