Troy : The War of Olympus

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Do you remember the movie that was released a few years ago? Brad Pitt showed a great performance acting Achileus, the legendary Greek hero known as the genius fighter ever, and the fight scene was on the tongues of people with the wonderful art of the spearmanship. The war named ‘Troy’ was one of the greatest war in the history and it continued almost for ten years. The movie described the war broke out because Phasis had taken Helene, the Spartan’s king and the most beautiful woman who all Greek men desired for, out of Sparta when he and his brother, Hector, had stayed there to be allied with Sparta. The Spartan King declared the war an angry voice against Troy, and then the movie story flows as you know well. However, according to Greek myth, There was something else beyond the human’s affairs which triggered the war, which was concerned with Greek gods and goddesses. Gods and goddesses in Olympus are mostly famous for their graceful and beautiful appearance, there is, however, always an exception, and Eris was the very one. She had such an ugly looking that gods and goddesses in Olympus were reluctant to be with her. The event happened on Zeus and Hera’s wedding anniversary day. All of the Olympus gods and goddesses only but Eris were invited to the party, which made Eris very upset, and she planed to get all the Olympus gods and goddesses in trouble. She sent a basket with a memo saying, ‘To the most beautiful goddess in Olympus.’ Being curious, Zeus opened the basket, and a golden apple was in it. All gods and goddesses at the party didn’t know the pretty and tiny apple would kindle the torch of the war continued for 10years. Gods themselves should have taken a lesson from the happening about Pandora’s gift. However, isn’t it interesting that gods also sometimes don’t know what will happen in the future? The interesting fact that I can find in Greek
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