Troubled Men Essay

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Jose Vega ENG 101 1:00PM 11/27/12 Professor Selvaggio Troubled Men Women have been known to be vulnerable to media influences that entirely affect the way they perceive themselves and their bodies. With men it has been thought that images of idealized male bodies presented through the media has had no effect on them (Baird and Grieve 115). More focus has shifted towards the male interpretation of media images in comparison to their own bodies. Although it seems hard to believe, men are just as susceptible to idealized media as women are. Images of idealized male figure appear everywhere, each picture greatly dissatisfying men. Men that do not see themselves as equals with the idealized male models are uncomfortable with themselves. The problem is, “most people compare their current body shapes with the ideal body shape and feel as though they are lacking” (Baird and Grieve 119). Men not only struggle with how they appear on the outside, but they also deal with who they are on the inside. Conflict sets in as men are constantly bombarded by the media with a myriad of images of what the ideal male body should look like. Men try to find themselves while also trying to fulfill the idea of what a man is and should be. To greater understand the struggle a man faces with idealized images; look at his face upon walking into a store like Abercrombie & Fitch or Hollister. It happens to the best of men; upon going into Abercrombie & Fitch most men do feel uneasy. Everywhere they look they’ll see a portrait of a husky, well-built gentleman. These portraits are much bigger than the average man thus making most men feel inferior. The size of the portrait not only inferior but the sheer shape of these models draped in an unzipped sweatshirt and pants as low as possible to their hips to show off their “v” shaped waist. The bodies of these models are toned, not

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