Trotsky Main Reason For Stalins Rise To Power Essay

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How far do you agree that Trotsky’s personality and mistakes led to Stalin becoming leader of the Bolsheviks? Leon Trotsky was indeed crucial to Stalin’s rise to power for two main reasons. Trotsky was without a doubt one of the most publicly supported and intellectual of the Bolsheviks, this meant that upon Comrade Lenin’s death the majority of people foresaw a new Russia under the rule of the strategic Trotsky. Trotsky did however have flaws which were central for Stalin’s taking of the Bolsheviks. Although somewhat popular among the average population, Trotsky wasn’t all too well-liked among his fellow party members due to his temperament and odd qualities. Trotsky therefore wasn’t from a political view as stable in the Bolshevik party as other members such as Bukharin. Through his own isolation Trotsky made his removal a much easier job than it was to remove other important figures Trotsky “was not a typical communist and therefore had many enemies in the party”. Trotsky perhaps wasn’t as sociable as other member due to his relatively constant conflicting ideas of how to proceed with Russia. Trotsky’s last major mistakes were that he was more often than not “ill” during important meetings; this caused a large amount of hostility towards Trotsky as others such as Bukharin deemed Trotsky to not take the Bolsheviks as seriously as other key members. The final straw which effectively removed Trotsky from running for leader was his failure to attend Lenin’s funeral. In late January 1924 approximately one million people came to mourn the death of their beloved leader, all Bolsheviks attended except for Trotsky. This lead to public outrage at the ruler of the red army “Trotsky through his lack of presence earned himself only the bitterness of Russia’s population” The reason not attending factored Trotsky so badly was that Lenin was hugely respected, so for who many
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