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Stalin’s position as general secretary enabled him to employ loyal careerists and build on his power base. Stalin always had the upper hand in debates, as he didn’t partake in them until he took the side of the majority, so seemed a suitable candidate to continue Lenin’s ideology and legacy as proved from his position as general secretary. However, it was lucky he wasn’t removed from his job as recommended by Lenin in his Will, because he was underestimated and so the Will wasn’t published. Stalin would have had considerable more difficulty in defeating his rivals had Lenin not introduced the Law against Factions I think in 1921 which enabled Stalin to expel factions, namely his opponents. This law was used against them after their mistakes had isolated them, and Stalin showed political skill in his timing. Stalin’s job as general secretary was necessary in demonstrating he could be the one to continue Lenin’s legacy and build up his power base, but it was mainly the Law against Factions coupled with the mistakes of his rivals that helped him achieve success From the top of my head this is why Stalin came to power: - His personality - His opponents failings - His position - Lenins legacy - Stalins political cunning (looking back, maybe this is just his personality but I always did a seperate paragraph on this.) All of them are equally worthy of a lengthy paragraph and the conclusion should be your token cop out answer of "they're all crucial" ... at a push I'd emphasise his political cunning the most. The way he teamed with Kamanev and Zinoviev to oust Trotsky, only to later betray those two in favour of Bukarin, Rykov and Tomsky, only to betray those three at which point only he was left! But is this what you mean by his "personality" because for that I wrote about his incredible memory etc... If you want

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