The Tropical Rainforest of The Amazon

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Tropical rainforests cover only 7% of the Earth's surface, yet nearly one-half of the world's species of plant and animals are found here.These lush green jungles circle the equator in a 3000-mile-wide belt running through parts of South America,Central America,Southest Asia and Africa. The largest area,about 13000 million acres, is in the Amazon region of Brazil. Temperatures in the Amazonian rainforest range from 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit and annual rainfall levels vary from 6 to 30 feet. The tropical rainforest in the Amazon, like all other rainforests,plays an important role in controlling the climate all over the world. For thousounds of years, many Indians have lived in the Amazon rainforest. These natives relied on their natural surroundings for their livelihood as well as for their food.They grew maize and wild rice,ate fruits, vegetables, nuts, and their oils, and caught fish from the rivers. Slowly,however,these people have disappeared.They have been wiped out by constant fighting among the various tribes and by diseases brought in by foreign traders and settlers. Now the population of the Amazonian Indians has shrunk to arround one million people. The Amazon, the main river that flows through the Amazon rainforest,is a place of wonder because it is inhabited by exotic animals that live in and around it. Colourful kingfishers and egrets are found on the banks of the river,while parrots can be seen feasting on nuts and fruits on treetops. More than 2000 species of fish are known to exist in the waters of the Amazon.They range from angle fish to the deadly stringray. The most notorious fish found in the river is the piranha.this fish,with its razor-sharp teeth,swims in shoals, and when it attacks it can reduce its prey to a bare skeleton within minutes.The largest predator in the Amazon is the caiman,an alligator that can measure up

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