Tropical Rainforest Essay

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IRWLE VOL. 7 No. I January 2011 1 The Magic of Methodology in English Language Teaching and Effective Classroom Teaching The Common Notion With the advance of teaching and learning procedures, sticking to the traditional methods of teaching can simply prove to be devastative to a bunch of MBA graduates or some intellectually scintillating IITians, only to cite examples. So, we should first try to decipher the meaning of method; a singular weapon used to teach a class of students, homogeneous or heterogeneous. Method can simply be a catalyst to generate enthusiasm among the students making the class interesting, exciting, and real learning for them. If otherwise, a chapter or concept that can be better taught through the application of casestudy could take the ball away from the court of the teacher if taught through lecture component. This article aims at examining the difference between method and methodology and their implementation in teaching thereby making the class interesting, educative, application -oriented, and thought-provoking, triggering questions in the minds of the young learners. Method Let us first try to understand the theoretical meaning of the word Method. Given below are five definitions of method as and when found and used in literature, language and science as well: • • • • • It comes from the Greek word – Methodos, which means following after, pursuit. It is also a “Codified series of steps taken to complete a certain task.” In Computer Science, it means: action, algorithm, function, and procedure. In Software Engineering: a technical recipe for building a soft ware. In Method Acting: acting that replicates the conditions under which the character operates. Rima Namhata The Beaten Path The term methodology is very near in meaning to that of method. Some of the definitions of the word methodology are like: • • • • “A set of methods

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