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In the film Tron: Legacy, directed by Joseph Kosinski, many different film techniques are used to create the relationship and sense of separation between CLU and Flynn. We first witness the start of the separation during the flashback that Flynn has when explaining what happened to the ISOS to his son Sam. During the flashback Kosinski uses many different film techniques, these include; Different shot types, like very long and rule of thirds, and close two shots of the two. He also creates the flashback feeling with different filters, and faded out of focus shots. Also use of good dialogue is used to create the isolation feeling. Kosinski uses and very long shot and rule of thirds to show the separation of CLU and Flynn, The separation is shown as we can see Flynn and CLU working close together, as Flynn sees the ISOS appearing out of the desert, he moves away from CLU. CLU is left alone in the background, on the left hand size, as he watches Flynn move away from him. This is use of rule of thirds, as the central figure (Flynn) leaves CLU in the background of the shot. He is towards the left because it symbolises the fact that CLU is going to go on and try to create the perfect system, this relates to the rest of the film because he does go on to do this. Another effective technique used by Kosinski is a long mid shot to show the partnership CLU and Flynn had as they were “jamming man, creating utopia”. We can see CLU and Flynn from their thighs and up, as they work on The Grid which we can see in the background. The pair are busy looking at blueprints for up and coming designs of buildings on the grid. This is important in showing the Separation of the two because to have separation, you have to at some stage had partnership. Another technique used by Kosinski is the use of filters and out of focus shots during the flashback, he uses a rose tinted lens which is

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