Trojan War Essay

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Hollywood vs History The Trojan War which took place nearly 3,200 years ago is drastically simplified in the mega budget Hollywood blockbuster, Troy. German director Wolfgang Petersen was inspired by Homer's epic poem The Iliad. Troy is a sword-and-sandal epic with soap-opera like emotions. The film has the feel of a classic comic book that discards any lyrical passages that might make it seem more authentic in a literary sense, rather than the ambience of a classic piece of literature. This Greek gift to the world has in its screen adaptation all the usual vices of such big-budget Hollywood epics, including lack of character development, heroes as action movie clichés, a bowdlerized plot line that at times seems more preoccupied with the scenes of the beautiful Helen, played by Diane Kruger, and the muscular Achilles, Brad Pitt, than in the poetics of Homer's tale, and the results hardly inspire one to think of this work as one of the great literary achievements in Western society. Yet it's gorgeously lush as filmed by Roger Pratt, all the warriors on both sides are dressed with matching leisure armor suits, which made for a Calvin Klein-like sight on the battlefield, and the characters never resort to camp to spit out some of the more risible dialogue they were saddled with about romance and war. It even had one masterful scene that packed some real emotion; that marvelous scene had the elderly King of Troy, Priam, played by Peter O'Toole, sneaking into the enemy's camp at night to meet with Achilles in his tent after the great warrior killed Priam's own warrior son Hector, Eric Bana, in a duel. Here Priam exposes his fatherly pains and humbles himself to beg for Hector's body so it could be given a proper burial to the gods. The script makes much of Priam being deceived about the powers of his Greek sun god, Apollo, and how this pious man looks

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