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The first day in Vietnam, I was awakened by the sound of cars on the roa and i couldnt let my body relax just a minutes. I just wanted to start my trip to Nha Trang which was the most famous place to visit in Viet Nam. It became famous with the blue beaches and white sandbanks. I checked my package one more time while I was waiting for my friends. We decided to have a small trip to review our lovely memories. My friends came to my house at seven and we began our trip. the flight took about three hours from the airport near by my house to Nha Trang. As soon as we arrived to Nha Trang, we put our packages in the hotel and went to the beach. There were many visitors from different countries. They wore colorful clothes and accessories which created a dynamic summer picture. we decied to play volley ball under the soft white sand. Our group had six people so we divied into two group. In the middle of the game, a small group came and asked to play together. We gladly accepted. They were really friendly and played well. From their accent, I guessed they are from England. After three hours played game, everybody was hot and tired. We went down to the beach. Soaking in cool water made me feel very comfortable. Our new friends suggested that we should have a party for tonight. That was a good idea so we agreed. Our party stared at seven pm. Therefore, I decided to have a little walk around the resort. That day the sky was beautiful with sparkling bright stars. I walked slowly along the beach to feel the taste of the sea. Suddenly, I saw a little girl was walking slowly toward me. At first, I guessed she is a visitors like me. I tried to start a conversation with her. Thereby, I had chance to know her touching story about her father. Her father died while fishing. Walking along the beach is a habit every time she remembers to her father. After talked to her, I came back to

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