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“A Trip with My Sister” It was the summer of 2007, Jenn and I had planned a trip to Disney World. Jenn always went to Disney, for vacation, I on the other hand, had never been there before. We decided to drive, as boring as it is, and of course something had to happen. Jenn is the type of girl who always has to have all eyes on her. If we were to go to the mall or the movie theater or even to the grocery store she always had to draw everyone’s attention to her. She is the center of our family, every girl’s role model, and every guys dream girl. Her eyes are blue like the ocean on a hot summer morning and her hair is a deep chestnut brown which barely brushes her shoulders. She has a perfect bone structure and her body is perfectly slender. We finished packing our things and started putting them in the trunk of the car. “Be careful driving through Maryland kids, I heard there has been a lot of trouble going on there and I don’t need my babies getting themselves in any trouble, especially you Zach. I have a hard enough time trying to keep you safe in our own house.” our mom Niffy warned us from the doorway. “ Don’t worry mom, I’ll make sure he doesn’t f all off of any cliffs.” Jenn snickered back at my mom as we got in the car. “Wait! There are cliffs in Florida?” Nancy yelled in the distance. “So are you ready to finally meet Mickey little bro?” She laughed as she punched my arm lightly. “Ha ha, very funny. And, yes I am actually.” “Trust me you’ll love it. What do you say we listen to some music for a little while?” “Yea sure. Just none of that old crap you like to listen to when you get bored.” I turned my head to look at the clock and four hours had already passed. “Good morning sleepy head.” Jenn said looking like she too was about to fall asleep. “Do you want me to drive for a couple hours so you can get some sleep?” “Would you please, I have been

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