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Bangladesh It was the spring of 2008. My family and I were sitting outside on the porch on a beautiful day. The sun was shining as bright as the smiles we had on our faces when and broke the news. “Mom, dad we have finally decided to get married,” said my sister with her right hand in hand. My parents’ faces glowed with happiness; everyone was happy for them. “When have you two planned to get married?” my mom asked my sister and her boyfriend. “During December,” she replied, “we will all travel down to Bangladesh and have our wedding there.” I didn’t want to go to Bangladesh, even though I was born there and also have tons of relatives living there. I certainly didn’t want to leave my friends and, most importantly, school for an entire month. I was going to be in the 8th grade during the December of 2008, my very last year in middle school and fairly the most important year of my middle school life. But those excuses didn’t count. No matter how much I beseeched my parents, they still wanted me to go with them to Bangladesh. It was my sisters wedding, after all, so I had to leave the States for a month and go to my motherland with my family. It was December. The season when the dawn breaks on an icy landscape of wintergreen silence and when the snow covers everything, like a white blanket. That’s exactly how it was when I left the States but it was completely different in Bangladesh. It never snows in Bangladesh, there’s no such thing as running outside in the snow in your snow boots and making snowmen. All there is during winter is the cold breeze, the fog and the poor people making fires out of tree branches to keep them heated. It was a beautiful scenery. I loved when the cool breeze hit my face and blew my hair in the fresh air. I loved watching the fires the poor people had made by their houses, while I was driving by. The last two weeks of December

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