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Abstract Introduction The most effective way to prevent Juvenile Delinquencies is, to seek assistance for families early on with the help of professionals that specialize in these types of behaviors. In the article it states that Trina Garnett a young girl from Chester, Pa. started a fire and two children died. Trina’s father abused the child and her home life was not solid. Trina’s mother died when she was only nine years old. Trina severely neglected by her father and had previous mental illness issues. She was the youngest of twelve children. Trina saw murder when her father killed the family dog with a hammer. Her and her siblings had to clean up the remains of the dog. Trina was five when she set herself on fire. All the signs were there that Trina was an unstable child. Her sister had slept in the same bed with her and screamed fire, fire. Trina burnt a large portion of her body and was scared for life.…show more content…
Trina slept in abandoned cars and buildings and ate food out of trashcans to survive. Trina was been admitted to a mental facility for her mental illness when she was eleven by her grandmother. Trina had a hard life and tough obstacles to go through growing up. The reason for her starting the fire was the Harvey boy’s mother would not allow her children to play with her. Trina held a grudge for it and set the house on fire killing the two boys. There were witnesses stating that they saw Trina with matches in her hands as she walked away from the house she set fire too. One person got out of the house alive after Trina set the fire to it. Trina was arrested and, held without bail for the murders of the Harvey children. She was also been charged with arson for starting the fire in the

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