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The Trilobite Trilobite are extinct arthropods. Trilobites are the earliest known animal to have vision. They are distant relatives of modern lobsters, horseshoe crabs and spiders. They lived in marine environments. We know this thanks to preservation of soft tissues found on some trilobite fossils. The same fossils are also found in freshwater environments, suggesting that some freshwater trilobites existed among saltwater trilobites. Up to the late Devonian Period they were very diverse, and likely there were trilobites that specialized in most every type of marine food source. Some definitely burrowed in the mud of the sea bed, likely eating anything they found there. Others would have been active predators and hunted other trilobites, worms, etc. 1) This particular trilobite peacefully reaches the end of its natural life and dies. Its body might not necessarily remain on that part of the ocean floor where it dies, because natural decomposition can lift the animal up into the water column, where currents can carry it to another area. 2) Fossils of all kinds can be found in sediments deposited in turbulent (high energy) environments near the coastline or mouth of a large river, complete shells and skeletons require undisturbed conditions. A quiet seafloor with minimal light, low oxygen levels and a soft muddy composition are among the conditions suitable for preserving organic remains. 3) After several weeks, the Trilobite is partially decomposed. Several thousand meters into the bedrock, pressure is building along an active geological fault. This earthquake sends shockwaves to the rock above, causing the sediment nearby to move. The mobile sediment travels across the seafloor burying Bob in the process. Now, entombed beneath the sediment the remaining flesh and soft tissue within the shell is broken down by bacteria, leaving just the shell plates in a good

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