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Trillo Apparel Company seeks to expand its activities in the Fourth District (East) so as to meet the increased market demand for their product and in the process achieve their objectives for the current year. They are planning to relocate to a different facility, which is larger and will be able to increase both profitability and production. The new facility is located 10 miles from their current location and requires some renovation and modification before they can relocate their operations to the facility. Considering the needs they will have to meet, relocation will require proper planning since it can lead to large loss of revenue resulting from long duration of operations being at a halt, and they can also lose some of their existing customers. Therefore, executive officials of the company have come up with a project, which will facilitate the transition from their current location to the new facility. The project is named District 4 Move project. It describes the activities that have to be carried out within a period of 4 months to facilitate relocation. Resources required to facilitate the relocation have been described in the project, the estimates of cost and time duration for each activity have also been made. This paper seeks to facilitate the management of the project to ensure it is a success. It identifies project management technique to be applied to help move the project to completion. It also identifies the organizational structure of the project, administration system of both teams and the District, helps identify the risks facing the survival of the project, and discusses ways of dealing with such uncertainties in case they occur during the project implementation. It also presents executive summary of the results of the project stating whether it is achievable within the given time and budget. Introduction Trillo Apparel Company, also

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