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In the early 1900's, men and women were far from equal. In those days, men were believed to be superior, or above women, and women had very little rights. The play Trifles by Susan Glaspell exemplifies the issues between men and women during the early 1900's. Trifles is a short play that is set in a farmhouse in Iowa in 1916. In this play, it is believed that the main character Mrs. Wright killed her husband and there is an investigation happening. During this investigation, there are many unresolved conflicts that the characters are unaware of. Three examples of these conflicts are the main conflict between Mr. and Mrs. Wright, the separation of the men and women during the investigation, and the actions of Mrs. Peters, the sheriff’s wife. Mrs. Wright had to submit to her husband and had very little say in her marriage. Mr. Wright was very mean and controlling. Due to this, she became attached to her Canary, which represented who she was. It represented a caged in individual who loved to sing. After her husband broke her Canary's neck and killed it, Mrs. Wright lost her mind and suddenly her husband was dead. This is a conflict during the play because the characters were trying to figure out whether or not Mrs. Wright was guilty of murdering her husband because of what he did to her bird. The second largest conflict during the play was the separation of the men and women throughout the entire investigation. The men were conducting their investigation in the upstairs bedroom and the women were in the kitchen. This shows that in those days, men were above women and a woman’s place was believed to be in the kitchen. However, the separation of the sexes created a big conflict because all of the evidence that was found was in the kitchen where women “belonged”. The men however, could not find any

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