Trifles Anlysis Essay

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Mike Vrooman Comparison of “Trifles to “Jury of your Peers” both by Susan Glaspell The play “Trifles” and the short story “Jury of your Peers” tell the same story but Jury of your peers was much more descriptive of the situation and was much more emotional. The short story shows more obvious how women were disregarded as having any brains into manly matters such as a murder investigation. In Trifles a lot more is left for you to fill in the blanks or to your imagination where in the Jury you are very sure of what people are thinking and the reasons. After reading the play I wasn’t convinced that the women did the right think by not telling the men about the bird. After reading the short story I was sure that the women should not tell the men. I could feel by the vivid description the pain Minnie Foster must have felt being abused. The roles of women as workers were shown in both works never taking into account just how hard the work is doing household chores everyday, and preparing meals and taking care of all the needs of the men and children and no time for themselves. The titles of both works mean entirely different meanings. Trifles are all the activities that are important to the women, such as making bread and preserves, sewing quilts, housekeeping activities, garden and the details of how these things are done and how they appear to others. The women take pride in these trifles and have set ways of doing things. These trifles are experiences that women have in common and are a way of them to relate to each other. The men didn’t see the trifles as important so ignored and due to their ignorance were unable to solve the murder. In Jury of your Peers” the title the two women Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters are the ones who get to decide the fate of Mrs. Wright. They decide to hide the bird

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