Tricuspid Regurgitation Essay

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Austin Schultz Anatomy Honors February 28, 2013 Tricuspid Regurgitation Definition – Disorder in which the heart's tricuspid valve does not close properly, thus causing blood to flow backward into the right atrium when the lower right ventricle contracts. Caused most commonly by an enlargement of the right ventricle, but may also be caused/worsened through problems with valves on the left side of the heart, pulmonary hypertension (high pressure in lung circulation), or diseases such as endocarditis, which is caused by anything that allows bacteria to enter the blood stream – such as unsanitary conditions during drug abuse. Signs & Symptoms – Include fatigue, active pulsing in neck veins, general swelling (such as that of the abdomen or the feet and ankles), weakness, etc. Diagnostic Test – When gently pressing with their hand on your chest, a health care provider may find abnormalities. A physical exam may show liver and spleen swelling as well as a pulse over your liver. A murmur or another abnormal sound may be detected when listening to the heart with a stethoscope. Signs of fluid collection in the abdomen may also be present. To show enlargement of the right side of the heart an echocardiogram, CT scan, or MRI of the chest may be used. Blood pressure inside the heart and lungs may also measured using Doppler echocardiography or right-sided cardiac catheterization. Treatment – If the case is not severe enough treatment may not be needed, however to diagnose and treat sever symptoms you may need to go to the hospital. Through diuretics, medications that help remove fluids from the body, swelling may be managed. In severe cases, surgery may be done to repair or replace the tricuspid valve. Treating other conditions such as high blood pressure in the lungs or swelling of the right ventricle may correct this disorder. Sources: Dugdale, David, MD.

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