Tribute to Necia Essay

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Tribute to Necia Remember looking at a child and saying, “I wish I had that much energy?” Necia Averitt, retired, has that and more. From sun up to sun down, rain or shine, sick or healthy this woman does not stop. However, 90% of what she does is not for her but for others. Necias’ creativity, giving heart, and selflessness have made her one of my closest friends but also respected by myself and most of the members of our local Moose Lodge. Pull in the driveway up to the garage of Necias house and walk into the garage, besides the car and golf cart you will find all kinds of odd and ends. Half-finished craft projects, refinished furniture in different levels of repair, empty paper towel rolls, plastic bottles in one corner, a miter saw and duct tape in another, and laying where ever there was a spot different lengths of wood---all sorted by size of course. Follow the trail into the kitchen and there you will find jewelry in different states of repair, fabric for some project or another, pots of mouthwatering smells coming from the stove or oven where she is sure to be baking or cooking something pleasing to the stomach. At Christmas time come visit the Moose Lodge of Paducah and you will see not one or two but three Christmas trees decorated by Necia. She even has a kid friendly one done in the kid’s room where they can play with it and the decorations won’t break. My favorite present by far was a UK duct tape purse made by her. Everywhere I go people want to know where I got the purse from. Not only is Necia creative she is giving as well. Need a deck built but lives in Florida? Not a problem! Every weekend Necia would load up with her dog, Rambo, and drive to Florida to help her sister and brother in law build a deck addition on the back of their house. Furth more, she lead the job bringing her own tools showing everyone else how the job was

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