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Tribute to Julius Caesar By Jason Roberts Gaius Julius Caesar was born on XIII July C in Rome. His parents, Gaius Julius and Aurelia Cotta were neither particularly influential nor wealthy but could claim descent from the goddess Venus. At sixteen, Caesar became the head of the family when his father died suddenly. Despite this Julius Caesar managed to work his way up to becoming a distinguished military general and statesman. He accomplished the defeat of Gaul, won a victory in the Civil War and was a dictator of Rome until his death. He was working on a number of political and social reforms and on the point of a new campaign to recapture Babylonia at the time of his death. Julius Caesar was not a lovable person but won the loyalty of his soldiers by the victories he brought them. He showed an almost genius ability in many different fields, including administration, writing and public speaking. He wrote seven books on the Gallic Wars as well as three books on the civil war. They all possess great literary merit and reflect the intellect, political insight and near genius of their author. Julius Caesar was married three times. His first wife, Cornelia died in childbirth and he divorced his second wife Pompeia. It is said that his surviving wife, Calpurnia had a nightmare and warned him of impending danger just before his death. Possibly it was jealousy of his power as well as the generosity he showed to defeated enemies that led to his death at the hands of those he thought were his friends. Julius Caesar was a powerful leader and master of the Roman World. His name is sure to be remembered throughout history. Quotes attributed to Julius Caesar I love the name of honour, more that I fear death. Men willingly believe what they wish. In war, events of importance are the result of trivial causes. As a rule, men worry more about what they

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