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My essay is a tribute to my grandparents, Mark and Carolyn. These two influential people in my life are honorable, and admirable. Their faith in the Lord led them to Ghana and Togo in Africa for numerous years of work there. Their faith, willingness, selflessness, and devotion has strengthened and encouraged everyone who knows them. My grandparent’s selflessness led them to 3 years of missionary work in Ghana, and Togo. They went into Africa knowing this wasn’t for themselves, but for the Lord, and also for the many people in need of help in Africa. As can be expected, the conditions are very different in Ghana, than in the United States. There are craftspeople everywhere you look, streets are overrun with vehicles, and motorcycles, and bikes for the few who can afford them, and while stuck in traffic you have numerous people knocking on the car door begging for money. This is everyday life in Accra, Ghana. My grandparents were taken out of the culture they had known their whole life, into a culture and world completely bizarre to them, but they came into the experience open minded, and willing to go through whatever to reach out to these people. This experience is like placing a football player in a dance studio, completely out of their element, and what they know. As they have told me, “Even though the experience wasn’t always easy, it was in God’s plan, and I’d go back and do it again.” Their attitude of serving, of helping others, for no benefit to themselves, has influenced many of the people they know greatly. My grandparents are also deeply devoted to God and His will for them. Their devotion is such that, where God directs them they will go. At times it is hard to follow God’s will, I know that this was hard for them, watching their young grandchildren cry, not wanting them to leave, not knowing if their toddler grandson would remember them when they

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