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Concert Report “Take Me Home: A John Denver Tribute” On November 17, 2011 at 7:30 PM I attended “Take Me Home: A John Denver Tribute at the Redondo Union High School auditorium located at 631 Vincent Street in Redondo Beach, California. The venue is a high school auditorium which has recently been renovated and includes new seating with a capacity of approximately 1,400. The program lasted approximately 2 hours with a 20 minute intermission. The music style is country folk but at one time it was considered folk pop music. The music played was that of the late John Denver plus some original compositions by Jim Curry, the principal of this performance. The performers included Jim and Anne Curry who both played acoustic guitar, Anne also played mandolin, Richie Gajate-Garcia on drums who played for a few years in John Denver’s touring band, Tristan Garcia, whose father played with John Denver, on electric bass guitar, Chris Wills played electronic keyboard, and Diane Ireland played flute. Jim and Anne sang all of the songs with backup vocals by Chris and Tristan. The music form was that of an eclectic mixture of John Denver’s recorded hit music plus some of his unrecorded works. Jim and Anne Curry are also composers in their own right and played several of Jim’s personal compositions. The music was usually played in dynamics which suited the venue but in the theme of John Denver’s quiet, mellow genre. The instrumentation was that of lead singers in the front of the band’s rhythm section of keyboards, drums, and bass, the melodies played and sung near the front of the stage. Several flute and keyboard solos were featured as well as Anne on the mandolin. The instrumentation relates to our class discussions as a typical American ensemble with accompaniment behind the lead performers. Technology used during this performance were amplified acoustic guitars and

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