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Tribalism as a Consequence of Lack of Purpose Essay

  • Submitted by: aura1978
  • on October 5, 2012
  • Category: History
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Below is an essay on "Tribalism as a Consequence of Lack of Purpose" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Lack of purpose and tribalism. People from past become tribal by not operating in agape and sometime their have propagated violence amoung communities and this have affected the nation of I C F for being used for positive development even to date.
Greed. Greed has been passed from past to present. People due to doing things on their self motive have passed on this vice that the nation of I C F is enable to operate co operate to fulfill it God given assignment. From colonial era due to greed by top influential people in nation, national resources were given out in a throw out lease price. Lake Magadi was leased out to U K based farm known as Brunner mond group. Kenya canners was sold to Delmonte. This are all foreign investors taking advantage of our resources and thus limiting the advancement in the world of I C F.
Oppression and low self image. This is a vise birthed from the past and is still affecting the nation of I C F to date. This has robbed this nation to produce according tour God given abilities and resources. Due to inferiority complex and slavely mentality induced in Kenyan by colonialism people thinks that there is nothing good can come out of their life. This has lead people to migrate to work as slaves in countries like Saudi Arabia for cheap labour where they have received harsh working conditions some leading to death. This have robbed them the realization that God creating them for a purpose and they live hopelessly and thus weakening the nation of I C F.
Lack of innovativeness and foresight. From past to present people have succumbed to this vise and this has lead to our relying with western for things like food.   The government is still not ready to extend innovatively farm in arid and semi arid areas and hence food shortage is frequently experienced in our country.   Country like Israel is ranked first in fruit exportation in the world yet it is located in desert. No proper prediction and foresight in this area and thus no proper measure...

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