Triathlon Essay

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A triathlon is an activity that combines swimming, cycling, and running all in one event. The participants’ times also include the transition times between each event. The multisport race format is designed to test the endurance of its participants, much more so than swimming, biking, or running alone. Participants are divided into groups based on sex and age. Casual participants are often referred to as age groupers, while the more serious competitors are Elite. Much like any sporting event, triathlons have their own set of unique rules. In addition to providing a level playing field for all participants, many of the rules are designed for safety. There are many variations of a Triathlon or multisport event such as: the enticer/novice which features swimming less than 750 metres, riding less than 20 kilometres and running less than 5 kilometres, the sprint which features swimming 750 metres, riding 20 kilometres and running 5 kilometres, the Olympic/classic which features swimming 1500 metres, riding 40 kilometres and running 10 kilometres, the long course/half iron distance which features swimming between 2500 and 3800 metres, riding between 80 and 120 kilometres and running between 20 and 50 kilometres, and lastly the ironman distance which features swimming 3800 metres, riding 180 kilometres and running 42 kilometres. Such as any sport, a Triathlon features the principles of training. These principles are: progressive overload, specificity, reversibility, variety, training thresholds, and warm up and cool down. Progressive overload involves gradually increasing the athlete’s training load so that improvements can occur. It is important that this increase is great enough to encourage improvement, but not too great that exhaustion results or that the athlete loses motivation because they cannot achieve targets. The principle of specificity states that maximum

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