Triangle Factory Fire Essay

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The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire and the Fight for Women's Workplace Equality The tragic events that occurred in the Triangle shirtwaist fire of 1911 were not unusual for this time. Unfortunately, it was a sad reality that fires breaking out in the workshops of textile factories were common during this time period. This fire is recognized as one that sparked the movement of women to organize and challenge the consensus paradigms that kept them working in sweatshop conditions. During this period in history the consensus paradigm said that women where not equal to men. This was evident in the working condition that where provided for the over four hundred women working on the top three floors of the triangle building. The women working in these conditions were in fear of speaking up against these conditions. They could have their wages cut, risk worsening their conditions or worse loose their jobs all together. So instead, silence remained until this tragedy occurred. There are so many ways for this fire to have started. Many scraps of fabric could pile up in the floor and could be easily sparked by a lit cigarette, an electrical spark or perhaps from the gas lighting in the building at the time. All of the…show more content…
But the woman given credit for speaking out and gaining the support of the wealthy uptown New Yorkers was Rose Schneiderman. Her speech enabled many leaders to take action in safety and industrial reform. Rose knew this would not be enough for women in the workplace. She began pushing for women to organize into unions and fight to regulate hours, wages and working conditions. Rose Schneiderman was part of the conflict paradigm. She challenged the way people in her time thought. Rose used her influence to help start the Women's Trade Union League (WTUL) which struggled for many years to improve working conditions for the women in the clothing
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