Trial Of Julio Cesar Guerrera

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The Trial of Julio Cesar Guevara Year 2060 Court Official: Before we begin this trial, a short narrative of this man’s history will be told. His name is Julio Cesar Guevara, born in McAllen, Texas on May 25 2010. Growing up Guevara was influenced by his father’s teachings. His father was an equal rights activist, who fought for the banishment of racial barrios that existed in this nation (the U.S.). While attending a racial integration march organized by his father in Washington, Guevara witnessed his father’s assassination; he was only fifteen at the time. After an investigation by the Washington State police, the murderer was found to be a member of on Arian Political group who advocated white supremacy; the murderer served a year in a county jail and was set free. With the death of Guevara’s father the racial integration movement slowly died off. Later in life Guevara attended The New School University in Manhattan New York, there, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Criminal Justice, and Philosophy; afterwards he continued his studies and received his masters in Sociology and African and Latino studies. With his studies completed, Guevara moved to Venezuela and headed the liberation revolution that overthrew all the political governments of Latin America. Guevara’s revolution is said to have claimed thousands of lives mainly political figures and their followers. He is also the creator and founder of La Union Sur Americana, which is composed of former territories called Mexico and all of South America. La Union Sur Americana is now the largest country in the western hemisphere. After establishing La Union Sur Americana, Guevara returned to the U.S. and founded the revolutionary group known as ALFA (American Liberation Front Alliance). This revolutionary

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