Trial In The Crucible

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The word crucible itself means a severe, searching test or trial. It ties directly into the plot of the story. In this play you can plainly see that the characters prove that this is the best title. Almost all characters in the play have something they are fighting against. The characters described in this essay are Mary Warren, Reverend Parris, and Elizabeth Proctor. These characters have more than one test or trial going on in their life and that is what makes them so interesting. Reverend Parris is the minister in Salem who believes nothing of witchcraft. His daughter becomes ill and the cause of the sickness is characterized as Satan’s work. When his daughter is sick he try’s everything to avoid the thought of any witchcraft. Not only is he worried that his daughter will be at risk but he believes his reputation would be ruined. Also, if any witchcraft was said to have been done under his roof he would be hanged no questions asked. With all the provided information we can blatantly see that Reverend Parris is fighting for a good reputation and less for his daughter’s life. Elizabeth Proctor is the husband of John Proctor a land owner in Salem. She has three young boys whom she loves with all her heart. Elizabeth struggles with the relationship that she has with her husband. This is…show more content…
This book gives us prime examples of tests and trials. Mary Warren faced the test of fear and she can only overcome this if she realizes what she fears the most. Reverend Paris suffers from the test in maintaining a healthy reputation amongst the townspeople. Finally, Elizabeth Proctor is in desperate need to repair the broken relationship with her husband. All of these characters have tasks that only they can fulfill. As said previously all they have a variety of trials they face and that’s what intrigues the reader. When many things are going on it is exciting and literally grabs the reader’s

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