Trial Court Essay

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A trial court is a court where trail take place. These courts are the fist court in which trial is held. If the outcome of a case in trial court is suitable, then the case ends there. If one of the parties wants to appeal, the appeal must be taken to a higher level court which has authority over trial court. When the cases are appealed from district court, they go to the federal court of appeals. These courts of appeals do not use juries or witnesses. No evident will be submitted in an appealed case. The appeal court will then base their decision on a review of lower court records. In 1990, 158 judges handled about 41,000 cases. There mostly 12 appeal courts. All but one of them serves an area consisting of three to nine states. There is also the U.S. Court Of appeals that specialize in appeals that has to do with patents, contract claims against the federal government, federal employment cases and internal trade. Each state have a court system. Over 95 % of nation’s legal cases are decided in a state legal court. Some states have two appellate levels, while some have one. Family courts settle issues such as divorce, child custody. Probate court handles the settlement of this. There are two types of trials and ways trail can be heard. A criminal trial is a type of trial where a person is accused, typically by law enforcement of committing a crime. This type of trial can be either breaking and entering, rape , murder and various other criminal offenses. Another type of trial is Civil trial which is a way to resolve lawsuit and various other claims that can be made against an individual or family. These types of trial usually handle issues of landlord and tenant disagreement, maintenance money, and cases of borrowed money. There are two types of trial. There are bench trial and the jury trial. Bench trial is held in court where the judge is usually the one having
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