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========================================== 1.What are the factors do you consider while using technology to manage performance? Think about cost, ease of use etc. THE NUMBER OF FACTORS AFFECT THE DECISION -cost -ease of use -effectiveness -impact on the participants -impact on the performance -impact on the behavior -type of training -purpose of the training -target audience/ participants -response required. -trainer's capability etc etc ======================================================== Q2 What is the impact of these technologies on the training and development function in your Organization? THE INTRODUCTION OF THESE TECHNOLOGIES HAS HELPED THE TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT FUNCTION TO DEVELOP AND FINE TUNE THE OUTCOME OF TRAINING/DEVELOPMENT. 1.Efficiency Efficiency is a measure of the amount of learning achieved relative to the amount of effort put in. In practical terms this means the amount of time it takes to complete a piece of training. Efficiency has a direct relation to cost – the more efficient a training method is, the less it will cost. 2.Reactions Reactions are what you measure with the ‘happy sheet’. Reactions are important because, if TRAINEES react negatively to your courses, they are less likely to transfer what they learned to their work and more likely to give bad reports to their peers, leading in turn to lower TRAINEE numbers. 3.Learning Learning, in terms of new or improved skills, knowledge and attitudes, is the primary aim of a training event. Learning can be measured objectively using a test or exam or some form of assessed exercise. If a TRAINEE has to achieve a certain level of learning to obtain a ‘pass mark’, then the number of passes may be used as an evaluation measure. Another important aspect of learning is the degree of retention – how much of the learning has stuck after the

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