Why Trespassing Is Bad

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Trespassing is bad for many reasons. First off it is against the law. Anything that is against the law is bad and shouldn’t be done. You should really consider not doing something if you know or even think that it might be illegal. If you are caught participating in illegal activities, like trespassing you, will be arrested and you will have to face the consequences of your actions. A traditional trespass on personal property is, “a tort that occurs whenever one person injures another person’s personal property or interferes with that person’s enjoyment of his or her personal property.” For example, where one person drives his car onto another’s land, mistakenly thinking that to be his land, he nevertheless commits an intentional tort – trespass to land. So either way trespassing is wrong and shouldn’t be done even if unintentional it is still against the law. Reason number two to not trespass is because you might get killed or badly injured by the owner of the land. If the owner catches you trespassing he or she might not bring the law into it they might take the law into there own hands and pull arms on you. Most people…show more content…
Not only is it illegal but its disrespectful to a person and his or her belongings including there yard or land or house. I’m going to leave you with this, Trespassing is not good there can and most likely will be serious punishment and worst case scenario even death involved with it. So trust me I will think twice before I plan on trespassing again or doing anything else that is illegal in any way shape or form. I also believe that I am lucky to have come out with the punishment I did for making such a stupid decision and I am grateful for this second

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