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Trends in Information and communication technologies Essay

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Trends in Information and communication technologies
Communication is critical to maintenance of power in terms of commerce, military and politics over distance over the time. According to Thussu (2002), due to the growth of international trade and demand of international communications (IC), the information and communication technologies (ICTs) are enforced to develop not only by government but also by non-political people. Generally, ICTs include telegraph, radio, television and internet. In this essay, the trends and issues in terms of radio, television and internet will be discussed in details.

The emergence of radio in 1902 actualized the transmission of human voice wirelessly. It is an output of military use (Johansen, 2004). After its standardization, it spread world wide (Thussu 2002). Radio has acted an important role in IC. During the airwave battle in WWII, radio was used as political tool of propaganda (Kalathil & Boas, 2001). David (2004) says that radio is used to direct aircrafts. Hence the public international transportation is encouraged. Now radio is only the main ICT in developing countries and especially in rural areas since radio sets are cheap and require no installments. Bourgault (1999) says that Red Cross use radio to raise people’s awareness of AIDS in Africa.

TV was invented in 1925 and able to transfer both vocal and visual information. It was improved from local to international with the emergence of satellites industries. It is popular in the world and one of main communication technologies in developing countries since TV sets are cheap. It was also used as a tool of propaganda during the Cold war (Thussu, 2002). Television also serves the education. In china, television universities were established to educate people where lecturers are both from China or overseas (Castro, 2000).

However, audiences of radio and televisions can only have freedom to receive information rather than send information. This situation was...

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