Trends in Indian Hospitality Industry Essay

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Dissertation Project Report on “Trends In The Indian Hospitality Industry” By CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTION India is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after economies in the world. India is poised to grow dramatically into one of the world's leading economies in another ten to fifteen years. With its unique mix of tradition, culture and modernity it is a must visit on the list of destinations for global travellers. The tourism industry is leading the way in India achieving worldwide recognition and popularity. The hospitality industry in many ways represents the country's growth and prosperity. The standard of accommodation and the quality and variety of food available in a destination is a significant component of the impression and image of that place in the mind of the traveller. Indians are becoming more exposed to the world and therefore are now demanding the finest luxuries even within their homeland. It is therefore of paramount importance that hospitality industry keeps revamping and reinventing itself to ensure that neither the international nor the domestic traveller is disappointed. “The globalization of the hospitality industry has accelerated under the pressures of the advances in technology, communication, deregulation, elimination of political barriers, global developments as well as the growing competition in the global economy”. The hospitality industry in India is too responding to these pressures and developments. It is rapidly maturing and pushing itself to meet the demands of the people most efficiently. The standard of service provided has significantly risen over the past five years. Clearer product segmentation is also emerging in

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