Trends in American Culture

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Current trends influence our culture as a whole because they pave the way for new ways of expression and thinking. With growth and new views in Social, political, religious, personal and artistic trends the influence on how we live our lives is amazing. Trends are transient, therefore pop culture and trends in America are ever-changing, as are we individually. American culture has evolved immensely over the last 40 years. So many things that are acceptable now, would have never been considered in the past. Some of the fads die out, while trends continue . Trends touch people across all walks of life. It is my opinion that the America’s trends influence the arts as well as, the lifestyles of everyone in the world. I personally depend on TV, News, and Internet to find out what’s hot or not. Because technology is so transient our means of communication and expression has also evolved over the last decades. Current social trends include the craze for plastic surgery, celebrity gossip, reality shows, and social networking sites like MySpace to create friendships. Trends depend on our fast-changing information and technology era to grow, and make it past the fad stage. From the clothes we wear to the music we listen to, they are trends that come and go, and influence us all through our media. was started in July, 2003 for the purpose of social networking. Friends who want to talk online, single people who want to meet other singles, families that want to keep in touch, classmates, artists, and business people can all benefit from the use of (2009, C. Rose, MSNBC) “So really, MySpace is a social portal. And many people think that it`s just a social network, where you go on there and talk to your friends, but it`s really about discovery. And it`s about discovering people, content and culture.” The thing about social networking online is that 10

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