Trend That Poses Threat to Organisation Essay

1055 Words5 Pages What trends do you think will pose the biggest threats to its continued existence at this time? The Coffee Club Changes in supplier prices could affect the way the organization run. Prices are not stable as they used to be thus if supplier increases the price even by a $1 for every product it could be very risky to the organization. Ecological and environmental trends. The organization has to view if the products that they are using to serve the customers are they recyclable? Are they BPA free? Changes in Technology. New machines are constantly being introduce at a fast rate, thus it is important that the organization is aware of this new technology. Attempt to move yourself towards that technology first Overview of Business The Coffee Club - From a single store which opened in November 1989 at Brisbane’s eagle street pier to more than 330 outlets throughout Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, new Caledonia, china and Egypt. The Coffee Club has established itself as an iconic household name and preferred venue for coffee drinkers throughout Western Australia and Asia pacific region. The idea was to create more than just a place where people could meet for coffee it was to provide a relaxed meeting place that is casual yet sophisticated, stylish yet affordable Apart from serving good coffee, its menu includes salads, wraps, grills, sandwiches, smoothies, cakes, all day breakfast food like eggs benedict, omelets and many more. The Issue There are many competitors in this hospitality industry promoting the same type of food and services. For instance Mc Café which is owned by McDonald’s try to give the customer the feeling similar to The Coffee Club where it is casual yet sophisticated, stylish yet affordable. The Coffee Club does not own as many branches as the Mc

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