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Trend Analysis

  • Submitted by: jbarraza1
  • on July 6, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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Vaccinations versus Autism
Jennifer Barraza
PSYCH/ 540
2 July 2012
Nancy Lees

Vaccinations versus Autism
      As a child I remember the dreadful feelings of going to my pediatrician to receive my “mandatory” vaccinations.   Back then, it was a non questionable routine to ensure your shot record was complete and up to date.   Daycares, schools, and youth camps required parents to submit proof it was done.   Society believed these vaccinations were administered to protest our children from diseases here and aboard.   Studies have shown the benefit of receiving vaccinations for diseases such as tetanus and typhoid more than out weigh the risk of being exposed to these diseases.   As the years have past, an overwhelming concern has grown to the point, where some parents refuse to administer these medications to their children.   Modern day research has given a enough creditability for some parents to turn the other cheek and wonder if these vaccinations help or hinder.   Questions have arisen how closely connected certain vaccines are related to the cause of Autism.
      Summary of Article
      Introduced in the late 1700’s, the first small pox vaccine was administered to James Phipps using the material from a cowpox lesion.   Thus the introduction of vaccinations began, giving doctors the upper hand in the fight against diseases (Miller & Reynolds 2009).   It was theorized to introduce the foreign “non-self” bodies to the body and have the body’s own system fight its infection.   In the early 1960’s the polio vaccine was introduced and is still used in the United States to this day.   As the amount of vaccinations grew more abundant, the safety of them grew as well (Miller & Reynolds 2009).   In 1986, the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was passed, providing compensation to those harmed by specific vaccines.   This Act also requires the health care provider to report any serious or adverse actions that occur thirty days after the vaccine had been administered...

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