Trency Communication Essay

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Technology- Trendy Communication Nichole Johnson XCOM/285 06/07/2013 Susan McIlwain Technology- Trendy Communication The use of Technology in today’s business world is the most effective way businesses have learned to communicate domestically and globally. The majority if not all businesses including governmental agencies are effectively using all communication portals. There are a plethora of electronic and wireless devices that people can carry with them daily. The also include nonverbal communication such as pictures on the cell phones, and visual devices that allows people to be in different parts of the world, but they are able to see each other and conduct business transactions. Companies offer incentives to consumers through these devices at an astronomical rate. It is simply the click of a button and a mass media message can be sent to thousands of people at one time. For example a person can receive a text message, or e-mail with the latest sale advertisements from any company of their choice. Accessing the World Wide Web is one of the main resources companies use, other than telephones, or mail. The Internet offers a range of options for companies to advertise and communicate with the consumers. The government also uses the Internet to carry out their social responsibilities such as the Social Security Administration. Anyone can access their website to apply for their benefits online whereas years ago one would have to go to face-to-face meetings throughout the entire process. Now people make one visit, and everything else is completed, or addressed online. Yes all companies in these millennia are effectively using these

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