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My Dearest Mary, I'm writing to you from the depth of the trenches. How are things back home? I received your letter about our boys but I never received one after that. I try writing to you everyday to explain what life is like in the trenches. But I never got up the nerve to write the horrific things that has happened here. Some of the issues or problems (if you will) have to do with gas, parasites and rodents, food, and hygiene. There has been a new gas that the Germans have used Mary. It's a gas that smells like Mustard, in fact thats what they call it. The colourless and odourless gas caused symptoms similar to eating mustard, except much, much worse. The symptoms you can receive are watering eyes, burning of the throat and lungs and blistering of the skin (both externally and internally). Fortunate for me, I have not experience such symptoms nor have I smelt this gas. As I write you this letter I can feel bites all over my body that give me an urge to itch. Mary the lice that we have here is unbelievable but they are better known as seam squirrels. They go into your clothing, hair and anywhere you can think of and bite you. Most of the men here have shaved their heads so that they can get rid of the lice, that includes me. But now I miss your soft hands running through my hair. There are also a lot of rats here. They come here mainly to chew off the garage that is left around. Huge black and brown rats wonder around and they gorged themselves on human remains. It's very sad to see one of your friends that have past away in war being eating by huge rats. While in war we are supplied with hot meals everyday. This is what I wish I could say to you Mary but it's winter and the food isn't exactly hot nor are they meals. We primarily have Bully beef which is just a better words for corned beef. This is war and we're going through war

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